Reduce cloud costs by automating AWS scheduling using CloudRoboAWSScheduler software (beta)

Automate scheduled on/off times for your AWS EC2 resources to save time and development resources. Start/stop EC2 instances by creating dynamic schedules using CloudRobo AWS scheduler. Solution is available on AWS marketplace.

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Reduce the costs by stopping the EC2 instances when they are not in use.

Lower your costs

Lower your costs by stopping EC2 instances automatically when they are not needed.

Automate your schedules

Schedule your EC2 instances start and stop times

Easy to use

Easy to use app delivered in EC2 instance via AWS marketplace.

Fully support

Please expect great support

Video demo app

Watch this demo to understand the features and setup

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The solution is available on AWS marketplace. Click the below button to reach the CloudRobo AWS Scheduler product page.

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