Cloud cost optimization

November 27, 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) suggests the following ways to control costs:

1) Right-size your services to meet capacity needs at the lowest cost

2) Save money when you reserve

3) Use the spot market

4) Monitor and track service usage

5) Use Cost Explorer to optimize savings.


Can it be achieved by stopping the idle instances

Roughly 25% of public cloud spending is wasted or not optimized, which is around $5B in 2016. It may grow to a big number by 2020, if left unattended. Most of the tools optimizing the cloud spend are Cloud management ones. CloudRobo AWS Scheduler is not a cloud management solution, but a AWS cost optimization solution.

Why not scripting

One way is scripting the stuff. This may work when you need to start and/or stop all the AWS EC2 instances at a specific time. If you consider non-production instances and plan for a schedule allowing users to use the EC2 instances when they need, the scheduling becomes very complex. This takes more time to develop and maintain scripts that takes extra time and cost.


CloudRobo AWS scheduler tool solves this problem. This is available in AWS marketplace and delivered as AWS EC2 instance. Costs $0.0.5/hr.

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